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Giving: The Joy Bus

2 years ago



Jennifer Caraway, The Joy Bus founder, recently came in to Emerald Dispensary to share how the non-profit organization began and how The Joy Bus has transformed lives of cancer patients, the local community, and volunteers since 2011. The non-profit focuses on nourishing the body and soul. We’re happy to announce that Joy Bus will be the next featured non-profit organization to receive donations from August 16 through September 30.

The Joy Bus Diner helps make “our Valley a tastier, happier place, one meal at a time. Serving hearty, made-to-order breakfast and lunch fare every Tuesday – Sunday from 7am – 2pm, every cent earned will be used to support The Joy Bus, a local charity that’s been bringing chef-inspired meals and caring conversations to cancer patients Valley-wide.”

Donations to benefit The Joy Bus will be accepted at Emerald Dispensary from August 16 through September 30.

Learn more about the non-profit diner and how to volunteer.

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