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Emerald Dispensary on the Medical Marijuana Tax Proposal

2 years ago

Last week, Mayor Thelda Williams presented a proposal to implement a new structure to tax marijuana dispensary, cultivation sites, retail business locations, and public consumption lounges. The tax structure would be implemented for marijuana businesses operating in the city of Phoenix and would ultimately impact every patient as well.

Industry professionals from ADA, NORML, MITA, dispensary owners, and cannabis advocates rallied together to inform patients of this news and distributed message forms for patients to help their local dispensaries and favorite brands voice concerns and stand against the tax proposal.

Implementing the new tax would increase patient costs by 17% per year. The changes would indiscriminately increase the cost of all medical marijuana products for patients in Phoenix. Whether or not you live or shop in Phoenix, the tax would have potential to impact access and affordability of medical cannabis. If the City of Phoenix were successful with this proposal, other Arizona cities would likely follow suit.

Tuesday, October 2, medical cannabis patients and professionals met outside Phoenix City Hall and also filled Phoenix City Council Chambers for the meeting in which Council would vote on the tax proposal. After hours of discussion, the proposal was killed unanimously.

Here are links to local news coverage of the Council meeting:
Phoenix City Council Nips Marijuana Tax in the Bud


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  1. Tim Sultan Thank you everyone at Emerald for coming out to City Hall. And great re-cap! I posted something in the Arizona Cannabis Monthly the next day as well: https://conta.cc/2RoNvOj Hope you like my blow-by-blow description of the drama that night... Reply 2 years ago

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