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Emerald Dispensary Response to Concentrate Ruling

2 years ago
Earlier this week on Tuesday, June 26th, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that certain cannabis extracts are illegal. This court ruling pertains to the resin extracted from cannabis also known as “hashish” or hash oil and other names.  These cannabis extractions are most commonly referred to as concentrates.  And while there are many types of concentrates, Emerald Dispensary only offers and sells medical cannabis that is strictly regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) under the guidelines of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA). 
Though the news of this ruling comes with an impact, it is not an ADHS ruling or mandate. Therefore, at this time, Emerald Dispensary will continue to offer and sell cannabis concentrates to our medical patients as usual.  We will also share any updates to help keep patients informed.

We encourage patients to contact us with any questions or concerns. Emerald Dispensary is here to help patients with their needs, and to support the cannabis community in Arizona.  We’ve been an advocate for patients’ rights throughout the MMJ program, and will continue to be going forward.  Thank you for choosing Emerald Dispensary. We look forward to seeing you!
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  1. Bbone I recently got my MMJ card and spent the first few months trying to find what works and how to use it...because I suffer with conic pain I need small doses thru out the day....micro dosing...to do that I use concentrates...it works perfect for me...IF they were no long available I would not stop using them Reply 2 years ago

  2. Lenyo First of all why is the legal medical user being targeted? The dispensary he walked into and presented his card to sold him what was supposed to be legal medicine. The dispensary(s) had damn well better get a legal fund together for this man and any others being targeted. I for one will not touch the stuff until this is resolved, already been burnt by metabolite law before supreme court overruled it. They just want to fill up the private prisons with anyone they can, I guess they aren't finding enough immigrants and children to keep their pockets fat. And what a surprise, the guy is black. Reply 2 years ago

  3. Frank Macias This is good news,but when does the votes go in for RECREATIONAL USE here in AZ? Reply 2 years ago

  4. Thomas "PhatTommy" Sheldon Having a Judge expound upon the Medical MMJ nuances is akin to having your Plumber upgrade your home electrical system. Why would you trust someone without the necessary skills to determine upon the future of your medical choices? We (Patients) owe it to one another to stand together in keeping judicial "amateurs" from interfering with patient's rights, (fought for and won rights, by the way). PhatTommy Says! Reply 2 years ago

  5. Anne Scott Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Just another reason why this is my favorite dispensary. You always are looking out for your patients! Have a blessed day! Reply 2 years ago

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