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To Our Patients:
At Emerald Phoenix the health of our patients and staff is our top priority as we continue to monitor the evolving Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic. In order to ensure that our services continue without interruption, Emerald is following Federal and State guidelines to protect our patients and help limit the spread of the virus. 

At this time, Emerald Phoenix will remain open as we continue to take appropriate measures to protect our patients and staff. We encourage patients to place pre-orders through our online menu or by phone. The pre-orders will be available for pick-up and limit your wait time. We have also arranged to have extra staff at the dispensary to handle the additional orders and reduce wait times.
Our goal is, as always, to ensure that we keep our dispensary as safe as possible. While we already disinfect and sanitize our dispensary and other facilities, we have also introduced a few more protocols:

  • Requiring additional frequent hand washing breaks and hand sanitizing, with extra hand sanitizers made available at every patient attendant station
  • Increasing the frequency of daily cleaning, including multiple wipe downs of high touch areas throughout the day with additional disinfecting procedures  
  • We will not have flower smelling jars on display
  • Working with our staff to ensure that they are in good health prior to coming in to work
  • Continue to use best-in-class procedures for cleaning & sanitizing of manufacturing areas, utensils and equipment, with increased frequency

We hope that this update provides you with confidence and peace-of-mind as you learn about the actions that we are undertaking. We remain committed to protecting our patients and staff during this challenging situation and we will continue to follow the updates set out by the various health organizations.

We look forward to assisting you in our dispensary.

Be well,
The Emerald Phoenix Team

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