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At Emerald Dispensary, we’re dedicated to providing our patients the highest quality and best selection of medical marijuana in a safe, comfortable environment. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are professionals committed to helping patients, and we always welcome your questions and feedback.


Emerald Dispensary offers two convenient locations. Opened in 2013, our Gilbert location has been servicing patients’ needs since the very beginning of the MMJ program in Arizona. The newest Emerald Dispensary is located in Phoenix, and offers the same outstanding patient care that Emerald is known for. Visit the Emerald Dispensary near you today!

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Emerald Phoenix

4244 W Dunlap Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85051

623.271.6065 Every Day 9 am – 7 pm

Emerald Gilbert

175 S Hamilton Place Bldg 4
Suite 110 Gilbert, AZ 85233

480.361.0078 Mon-Sat 8 am – 8 pm   Sun 9 am – 6 pm

What People Say

Here’s what patients are saying about Emerald

That’s News to Me…

Emerald Dispensary on the Medical Marijuana Tax Proposal - Last week, Mayor Thelda Williams presented a proposal to implement a new structure to tax marijuana dispensary, cultivation sites, retail business locations, and public consumption lounges. The tax structure would be implemented for marijuana businesses operating in the city of Phoenix and would ultimately impact every patient as well. Industry professionals from ADA, NORML, MITA, dispensary owners, and cannabis advocates rallied together to inform patients of this news and distributed message forms for patients to help their local dispensaries and favorite brands voice concerns and stand against the tax proposal. Implementing the new tax would increase patient costs by 17% per year. The changes would indiscriminately increase the cost of all medical marijuana products for patients in Phoenix. Whether or not you live or shop in Phoenix, the tax would have potential to impact access and affordability of medical cannabis. If the City of Phoenix were successful with this proposal, other Arizona cities would likely follow suit. Tuesday, October 2, medical cannabis patients and professionals met outside Phoenix City Hall and also filled Phoenix City Council Chambers for the meeting in which Council would vote on the tax proposal. After hours of discussion, the proposal was killed unanimously. Here are links to local news coverage of the Council meeting: Phoenix City Council Nips Marijuana Tax in the Bud :
Giving: The Joy Bus -     Jennifer Caraway, The Joy Bus founder, recently came in to Emerald Dispensary to share how the non-profit organization began and how The Joy Bus has transformed lives of cancer patients, the local community, and volunteers since 2011. The non-profit focuses on nourishing the body and soul. We’re happy to announce that Joy Bus will be the next featured non-profit organization to receive donations from August 16 through September 30. The Joy Bus Diner helps make "our Valley a tastier, happier place, one meal at a time. Serving hearty, made-to-order breakfast and lunch fare every Tuesday – Sunday from 7am – 2pm, every cent earned will be used to support The Joy Bus, a local charity that’s been bringing chef-inspired meals and caring conversations to cancer patients Valley-wide." Donations to benefit The Joy Bus will be accepted at Emerald Dispensary from August 16 through September 30. Learn more about the non-profit diner and how to volunteer.
Emerald Dispensary Response to Concentrate Ruling - Earlier this week on Tuesday, June 26th, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that certain cannabis extracts are illegal. This court ruling pertains to the resin extracted from cannabis also known as “hashish” or hash oil and other names.  These cannabis extractions are most commonly referred to as concentrates.  And while there are many types of concentrates, Emerald Dispensary only offers and sells medical cannabis that is strictly regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) under the guidelines of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA).    Though the news of this ruling comes with an impact, it is not an ADHS ruling or mandate. Therefore, at this time, Emerald Dispensary will continue to offer and sell cannabis concentrates to our medical patients as usual.  We will also share any updates to help keep patients informed. 
We encourage patients to contact us with any questions or concerns. Emerald Dispensary is here to help patients with their needs, and to support the cannabis community in Arizona.  We’ve been an advocate for patients’ rights throughout the MMJ program, and will continue to be going forward.  Thank you for choosing Emerald Dispensary. We look forward to seeing you!

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